GSMA Mobile 360 Eurasia: Nexign’s role in the digital transformation game

It has been a busy week for Nexign, full of productive meetings, workshop sessions, and networking activities in Moscow both at GSMA Mobile 360 Eurasia and elsewhere.


GSMA Mobile 360 is a regular series of events that traditionally features a high-level agenda and prominent speakers, and the Moscow conference last week was no exception. C-level executives from MegaFon, MTS, Beeline and other companies shared their vision of the upcoming digital future, and debated how emerging technologies will drive this. One of the most hotly discussed topics this year was the convergence of banking and telecoms. While banks are launching their own MVNOs, telecom operators are expanding their standard offerings and entering the financial services market. This creates opportunities for both competition and partnerships. Nexign is supporting this transformation, allowing CSPs to integrate with financial partners using Nexign Network Monetisation Suite. The functionality offered by the product helps telecom operators to increase their ARPU, enables additional monetisation of OSS infrastructure and significantly improves the user experience.

For Nexign, the GSMA events are not only an effective platform for presenting products during meetings with customers and partners, but also an opportunity to remind the telecom community about the company’s new brand.

“Last year we launched our new product portfolio at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona and re-introduced the company to the industry as Nexign – a results-oriented innovator with more than 27 years of success and experience of business transformation in Tier 1 CSPs behind it,” commented Yulia Poslavskaya, Nexign’s CMO. “While the company has significantly extended and solidified its presence in the international market over the last 18 months, the Russian telco community still needs to see the evolution of our new brand.”

She adds: “Given that we have been operating as Peter-Service for more than two decades, shifting the perceptions of our key Russian customers has proved challenging for us in the Marketing Department, and for Nexign as a whole. Our favourite aspect of all GSMA events, including the one in Moscow, is that our booth usually turns into a place where leading industry experts, IT and telco companies come to network. And that is always another great opportunity for us to share the story of our company’s transformation.”

In addition to its activities at the GSMA, last week Nexign joined the Gartner briefing in Moscow on blockchain and digital ecosystem business strategy. Experts at the briefing discussed an action plan for identifying new business models based on the digital connections enabled by the ecosystem.

”Blockchain is no longer just a trend. It's a new digital world reality, and we can see that is fundamentally reshaping several industries, including telecommunications,” said Yulia Poslavskaya.

For Nexign, blockchain is not simply a buzzword. Last year the company introduced a blockchain-based marketplace that has the potential to open up CSP business models to reengineering on an unprecedented scale. On joining the global marketplace, operators can immediately publish product information on the distributed ledger system for roaming visitors on their network, or purchase product offerings from other telcos in the community and then sell these either as-is or bundled with additional services and products. Telcos that get in on the ground floor of the blockchain revolution will be poised to become pioneers of new business models in both the B2B and B2C segments.

Of course, GSMA Mobile 360 Eurasia was not just about work; networking was also a vital element. This year, Nexign was honoured to host an exclusive gala dinner where telco industry experts were able to get together in an informal atmosphere.

Looking forward to next year!