Nexign at DTW 2022: Launch of Convergent Revenue Platform, Nexign Revenue Management

Interview with Maxim Nartov, Chief Business Officer of Nexign


With Digital Transformation World 2022 having taken place two weeks ago, Ariana Lynn, Senior Editor at The Fast Mode spoke to Maxim Nartov, Chief Business Officer of Nexign on the company's participation as well as some of the its announcements at the event.

Which summit will Nexign be participating in?

DTW always gives us an opportunity to explore the focal points and potential innovations in the telecommunications industry. This year, we participated in sessions dedicated to the successful integration of API and ODA into the CSPs’ digital transformation process. Besides, we listened to the operators’ perspectives on new revenue sources and challenges associated with their exploration. Nexign’s team also attended workshops related to current and future 5G development.

What are some of the key announcements we can expect from Nexign at the event?

Nexign launched Nexign Revenue Management, a new solution to harmonize all revenue streams on a single convergent platform. It allows CSPs to capitalize on emerging monetization models and services beyond connectivity and manage the entire revenue generation process across all business verticals. The solution helps optimize business operations and decrease TCO. Besides, it ensures operational flexibility not limited by vendor or technology, improves customer billing experience, and stimulates efficient business growth.

Nexign Revenue Management is a cloud-native, flexible, and scalable solution based on microservices architecture and capable of working with any telecom services, digital subscriptions, or third-party products and bundles. It includes such functionalities as convergent charging, extensive policy management, network exposure, and network analytics that can work with advanced 4G and 5G network monetization.

What will be Nexign's major showcases?

During DTW, we presented a demo of Nexign Revenue Management to show its interface and key features to our current and potential clients. CSPs were also able to ask additional questions and understand how our solution could be applied to their individual cases and meet their business needs. Another active topic was Employee Experience since telco’s transformation into IT companies requires a shift in corporate culture and creates demand for proper tools.

How does it feel to be back physically at DTW 2022? What’s your Copenhagen experience?

We were looking forward to participating in DTW, as we value the relationships and partnerships given us by this event. DTW and TM Forum membership let us exchange knowledge and experience with other companies during in-person meetings and contribute to the industry's improvement and the understanding of customer trends. Besides, being back physically helped us network face-to-face with our colleagues and learn more about their challenges and strategies they used to resolve them.

We believe that an opportunity to expand our partnerships is a primary pillar in reaching new heights and achieving substantial business outcomes. New collaborations contribute to developing unique value propositions and addressing customer demands. They also let us create a strong foundation for large-scale transformation projects.

As Nexign’s Chief Business Officer, Maxim leverages his prior experience as the BSS Product Director and the profound understanding of CSPs to expand Nexign’s presence on the market. Maxim boasts a strong knowledge of OSS/BSS and over 20 years of practical experience in a number of areas, including R&D, Sales, and implementation projects from both the vendor and the telecom operator perspectives.

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