Nexign Revenue Management

Unlimited monetization flexibility for digital service providers


Nexign Revenue Management helps operators consolidate diverse revenue streams and get a single point of control for the entire revenue generation process across all lines of business.

With Nexign’s fully convergent solution, communications service providers can expand their portfolios beyond connectivity and monetize ecosystems of telecom and partner services — from traditional mobile and fixed-network services to OTT and 5G-based offerings.



Improve Customer Loyalty and Billing Experience

  • Ability to introduce different types of discounts, special bundle prices, bonuses, and cashback
  • Support for any pricing model, rate plan, or payment option the customer may want
  • Single bill across all services
  • Billing accuracy and transparency

Provide a Unified Revenue Management Approach

  • Monetization of the core and non-telco services
  • Leveraging the synergy of B2B and B2C segments
  • Real-time charging and billing for telecom services, digital subscriptions, partner products, and cross-service bundles
  • Unified real-time balance management for converged services
  • Support for prepaid and postpaid models and a smooth transition between them

Increase Operational Efficiency and Agility

  • Reduced TCO with database-agnostic approach and no third-party licenses
  • Future-proof architecture based on microservices and industry standards: 3GPP, ETSI, and TM Forum
  • Smooth integration into the BSS landscape through TM Forum’s certified Open APIs
  • Cloud-ready deployment
  • Rich configuration and extension capabilities
  • Leveraging a unified SID data model
  • Horizontal scalability and proven high performance: support for up to 100 million subscribers, ability to process 100 thousand transactions per second
  • Low-code approach to easily create custom forms
  • Modular GUI: users can embed the Nexign Revenue Management modules into any third-party solution UI and, vice versa, embed the modules of other systems into the Nexign Revenue Management UI


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