Nexign Microservices Framework Underpins MegaFon’s New Multi-subscription Platform

In 2021, MegaFon unveiled their first multi-subscription platform dubbed MegaFon Plus. Unlike similar solutions offered by the company’s competitors, MegaFon’s platform is not limited to the original subscribers of the operator but is open for everyone. It constitutes one of the most important competitive advantages of the platform.


MegaFon Plus bundles four services: online cinemas IVI and Start, music streaming service Sberzvuk, and online library MyBook. The pricing allows customers to save 60% compared to subscribing to all those services separately. The partner services are amongst the most demanded in their respective business areas in the Russian domestic market.

Underpinning MegaFon Plus is the Microservices Factory, a solution developed jointly by Nexign and MegaFon on the basis of Nexign Microservices Framework. The release of MegaFon Plus marks yet another step in MegaFon’s ongoing digital transformation assisted by Nexign. 

Under the Hood

The services that ended up in the bundle are not related to telecom and have specific lifecycles, API, and subscription models that have little in common with those in the telecom industry. Moreover, there are two independent subscriber clusters: those who already use MegaFon services and are, therefore, a part of its billing system, and those from outside the entire ecosystem. One of the key objectives, therefore, was to duly synchronise the operation of the partner services with the operator’s billing system logic. 

This is where Nexign’s Microservices Framework came in. It enables easy and simple connection of partner services through the use of several enabler systems.

The subscription technique used in MegaFon Plus consists of several components, including Customer Data Integration (CDI) and the partnership platform based on Tarantool Enterprise.

CDI gathers all data on the subscription users from the billing system and registers the users from outside MegaFon’s ecosystem. The system compares the data from the billing system with the info from partner services to ensure there are no double subscriptions. With over 30,000 requests per second, CDI works seamlessly.

Nexign Microservices Framework underpins the creation of enablers, including the federated catalogue that configures various product types; Order Capture, a system for order management; Customer View 360, a privacy-driven system ensuring secure partner access to customer data required for operations; and Federated SSO that manages partner access privileges when working with internal functions and services of MegaFon. The solution also features an integration layer that enables fast and easy connection of partner services and supports recurring scenarios for work with third parties, like activating a new service or enriching authentication data.

The partner platform, meanwhile, aligns service APIs with the internal logic of MegaFon’s products, i.e. BSS and the subscription platform. The platform stores internal data on all existing subscriptions and explains special statuses, such as suspension or activation, to the internal systems.

Why It Is Important

Earlier, telecom operators sought to win over the subscribers of their competitors by offering unique bonuses to their own subscriptions. MegaFon Plus marks one of the first instances when a telecom operator offers a branded solution to a wide audience. This enhances the general appeal of the offering by combining the most popular type of online subscriptions (films + series, music, and books) in a single bundle. While MegaFon subscribers can use their account with the telecom operator to pay for the service, outside customers can connect their card to the platform. 

Going beyond typically telecom-related services marks another global trend for telecom operators and signifies the move towards creating full-fledged digital ecosystems. With MegaFon’s ongoing digital transformation, the Nexign-powered MegaFon Plus is a cornerstone of this conceptual migration that would play a vital role in the future development of the company’s business.