Telco Revenue Growth – Download TM Forum's Benchmark Report

Explore the revenue opportunities in the fast-changing world for communications service providers (CSPs) from different global regions.


Nexign, a leading provider of BSS and digitalization solutions, makes available its copy of TM Forum’s benchmark report: Telco Revenue Growth: Taking It to the Next Level. It introduces a comprehensive revenue analysis of the world’s 33 largest CSPs.

Insights on the Market Gaps and Potential

The report provides the latest market intelligence to help telcos plan for the profitable future: 

  • Discover the most promising strategies for B2C and B2B: mobile private networks, connectivity-as-a-service, 5G premium products, the FWA rollout, and others.
  • Go beyond connectivity. See what services CSPs should focus on: cloud, security, edge computing, and IoT for verticals. 
  • Learn how key technologies – modernizing BSS, leveraging AI, and saving with a cloud – will enable the future revenue growth.

Looking at the Big Picture 

According to TM Forum, the prospect for growth in the B2C market will continue to diminish as operators have been lacking a real strategy in this segment and are thus pivoting towards B2B. Despite the positive post-pandemic 4.8% growth in B2C revenues, only half of the respondents expect similar or higher results in the next five years, while 7% of the respondents even expect a negative CAGR in the segment. At the same time, many CSPs are experiencing high single-digit or low double-digit year-on-year growth on the B2B side, with the most promising opportunities coming from 5G and “as-a-service” offerings for large enterprises and the public sector. 

The sample chart from the report shown below highlights the selection of verticals where telcos are placing their bets to generate revenue growth in the nearest future:

Overall, CSPs continue to see significant revenue growth opportunities in becoming end-to-end service providers rather than being pure connectivity providers or leveraging only a platform business model. 

To cater to future growth requirements, CSPs are actively modernizing their BSS to bring more flexibility and scalability to product development and enable real-time revenue management for all business lines. In the report, Nexign presents its own solution, Nexign Revenue Management, geared towards telcos who want to capitalize on emerging monetization models and services beyond connectivity while balancing operational efficiency in an increasingly complex environment.

Companies Mentioned in the Report

Become aware of the B2C and B2B strategies of the market players and their spending on digital products and services. The CSPs mentioned in the report include AT&T, Airtel, NTT, Orange, Swisscom, Telstra, TIM, Turkcell, Verizon, and others.