IoT Platform

Remote management of SIM cards in M2M/IoT devices in mobile networks


Internet of Things (IoT) technology is a game changer for various industry verticals. Building IoT ecosystems is closely related to development of applications designed to collect, transfer, and process data from connected devices. The evolution of telecom technologies unveils the opportunity to create a wide range of IoT solutions based on mobile connectivity management.

Nexign IoT Platform provides advanced management of SIM cards and IoT devices, enabling operators to create a digital ecosystem and generate new revenue streams. The IoT Platform brings advantages such as easy integration with existing BSS solutions, extensive security management, and fraud identification capabilities.

Key Capabilities

  • SIM card management: SIM attributes; advanced SIM search and grouping; and bulk operations on SIMs
  • Device management: device catalog; binding to the device by IMEI; and SMS exchange with the device
  • Channel management: real-time monitoring of device availability
  • Cost management: tariff and service management; expense and payment information; and limit management
  • Security: IMEI lock; SIM card block on reaching thresholds; and alerts via SMS /Email /Push API
  • Reporting: different types of on-demand reports


Key Benefits

  • User-friendly interface
  • Flexible pricing in business models based on geofencing, monitoring, and diagnostics
  • QoS management, including Firmware Over-the-Air cases
  • Support for NB-IoT (Narrow band IoT) technology through integration with SCEF to ensure secure management of smart sensors via a Non-IP interface
  • Extended fraud management
  • Open APIs for interactions with third-party systems


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