Nexign to take part in BIG DATA in Kazakhstan: New Horizons

Nexign (part of ICS Holding) is to attend BIG DATA in Kazakhstan: New Horizons, an industry conference held on November 28, 2019 in Nur-Sultan, Kazakhstan.

Participants in the event will include spokespersons for the Kazakhstani telecom industry, ICS Holding’s top management and representatives of the government of the Republic of Kazakhstan. Experts will discuss current trends in the IT market, the possibility of localising international manufacturers’ products, and the demand for technology in the telecom industry in Kazakhstan.

Kazakhtelecom and ICS Holding companies (Garda Technologies, Nexign, STORM Technologies, KorKlass, NLogic, JSA Group, and YADRO) will present their solutions.

Representing Nexign at the conference will be Customer Solutions Director Maxim Nartov, who will talk about the company’s flagship products Nexign Digital BSS and Nexign Network Monetisation Suite and how their functionalities fulfil the requirements of the local market.

This is the first year of BIG DATA in Kazakhstan: New Horizons, and the conference will bring together more than 200 representatives of Kazakhstani companies’ top management. The event is organized by ICS Holding and aimed at building long-term partnerships between the Holding and the local telecom industry.