Nexign Network Monetization Suite

A pre-integrated and pre-packaged suite to fully exploit network capabilities

Unlocking new revenue streams

Nexign Network Monetization Suite helps communications services providers (CSPs) maximize the value of their fixed and mobile networks and unleash revenue potential of 5G networks and digital lifestyle.

The solution empowers CSPs to deliver personalized customer experience and generate new digital revenues by combining traditional communications services with a broad range of new value-added offerings. 

Nexign unifies online rating, charging and advanced policy management, network exposure, and analytics in the pre-integrated solution. The ability to serve prepaid and postpaid customers across all lines of business on a single platform reduces costs and opens new revenue streams.

The system is designed in compliance with 3GPP specifications and TM Forum’s principles and supports a range of TM Forum Open APIs to leverage current network technologies and enable a gradual transition to 5G.

Key benefits


Monetization Flexibility  

  • High-performance real-time charging across all types of fixed and mobile networks 
  • Convergent cross-service bundles 
  • Real-time rating, charging, and balance management
  • Customizable quality of service (QoS) parameters 
  • Multiple balances and allowance management for complex product offerings, loyalty programs, and e-commerce 
  • Support for affinity group offerings and shared bundles 
  • Combining personal services with business rate plans and services 
  • Enabling new charging models

Partner-Enabled Revenue Streams 

  • Efficient network exposure to technology partners, service partners, and application providers 
  • Shared network analytics and congestion-aware partner scenarios
  • Monetization of cellular IoT networks with cases like Non-IP Data Delivery (NIDD) for myriads of connected devices
  • Enabling telecoms services across the vast array of enterprise verticals

Network and Business Agility

  • Agile configuration-based service and tariff management for any charging model
  • Сloud-native architecture, open APIs, and catalog-driven approach to improve agility and accelerate time-to-market
  • Database-agnostic architecture, with no third-party licenses required, reducing TCO
  • Integrated configuration and management tools for easy operation and maintenance
  • Evolving from flexible 4G network configuration to dynamic 5G network slicing


What's Inside

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