Nexign Speaks at the SAMENA Leaders’ Summit

Nexign will be participating in the SAMENA Leaders' Summit on April 8, 2021. Held under the theme “Championing Digital Economic Growth from Policy to Reality”, the event will take place in a virtual format and will be conducted from the UAE. The topics discussed in the course of this year’s Summit include digital economic sustainability, intelligent connectivity, 5G innovation, cross-sector synergy and other. 

One of the key panel discussions will take place during the Session 6: Back to Business. Thriving in the Digital Application Ecosystem, where Nexign experts and other participants will exchange views on development of 5G and its impact on various industries. 

The objective of this discussion is to showcase innovation in-play across different sectors, and in especially those that are important to economic recovery and societal normalcy. Nexign and other companies, including Cullen International, Huawei, Minerva Networks and STC Group will discuss business enablement and continuity, education, remote collaboration, and applications and digital services that can foster accelerated adoption of 5G and allied technologies. Join Nexign in the panel discussion here

Date: 8 April 2021

Time: 15:15-16:15 MSK/16:15-17:15 UAE/12:15-13:15 GMT

Nexign speaker: Maxim Nartov, Business Development Director at Nexign

Topic of the discussion: 5G+X Innovations: X-Tech Synergy with 5G 

The 2021 SAMENA Leaders’ Summit will serve as a platform for key decision-makers with diverse backgrounds and leadership profiles. The Summit will welcome Chairmen and CEOs from the Private Sector, Policymakers and Regulators, as well as global leaders and entities focused on institutionalizing and fostering cross-sector collaboration, especially as the world embraces new norms in socialization and business conduct. 

To access the SAMENA Council’s online event and visit Nexign’s 3D exhibition space, register here.