MegaFon Transfers HR Processes to Neon Intranet Platform

MegaFon transfers key HR processes to Russian Neon Intranet Platform. Nexign’s solution will replace SAP SuccessFactors. Transitioning to domestic software will eliminate regular license fees and save millions of rubles annually.

The new solution will let MegaFon perform key HR tasks, including employee adaptation, goal setting, and compensation, on a single platform. 

MegaFon has a unique employee development program that focuses on personal performance improvement, but we cannot realize it with standardized IT-solutions offered by most developers. We were looking for a platform that could be easily adapted, completed, and expanded for each key HR process and rapidly configured in accordance with new tasks. Nexign’s solution will let us improve employee experience and will work up to 30% faster than the previous one. Also, in addition to better functionality, we will benefit from significant savings.

Neon Intranet Platform is based on modern microservices architecture, and each of its components is developed as a separate IT product. At the same time, the system is located in the closed circuit of MegaFon, and all data are moved to the company's own data centers. This architecture gives the opportunity to complete and adapt the system based on the company’s tasks.

The corporate portal and the goal-setting system were completely transferred to the new platform within three months. Neon has created a digital space that brought together about 30,000 employees of MegaFon and its subsidiaries. The total migration of key HR processes to Neon Intranet Platform will be finished before the end of 2022. 

Neon is an entirely domestic product. Initially, it was an internal corporate portal aimed at Nexign employees and single-handedly developed to replace multiple fragmented systems. However, we realized that Neon could also be interesting to other companies and decided to bring the platform to the market. We are glad that our solution has been chosen by a major company, such as MegaFon. We are confident that Neon’s flexibility, scalability, and reliability will help our client achieve the desired goals.