Nexign Launches Nexign Billing and Charging Evolution for Roaming Settlements Between CSPs

Nexign Billing and Charging Evolution (BCE) supports the new GSMA standard BCE. The solution represents a flexible and easy way for roaming billing and settlements. Nexign BCE enables additional monetization of traffic from IoT devices and 5G networks.

Nexign, a leading provider of BSS and digitalization solutions, launches Billing and Charging Evolution (BCE), a new solution for roaming settlements between communications service providers (CSPs). Nexign BCE helps reduce the amount of data required for intercarrier accounting. The solution also introduces new billing models in addition to the existing ones and decreases operating costs. Nexign BCE provides additional monetization of 5G and MIoT technologies, can process more than 300 million records per month, and supports horizontal scaling to process large amounts of data.

For 30 years, CSPs have been using the TAP standard for roaming settlements, but its functionality cannot fully support modern technologies. For example, operators require new ways to monetize 5G and MIoT, new billing schemes, and the improved automation of wholesale roaming calculation processes. As a result, CSPs strive to transfer roaming billing to the modern BCE standard and increase the cost-effectiveness of services. As the only vendor developing roaming systems for Tier-1 operators in the Russian market, we are glad to present Nexign Billing and Charging Evolution. We are sure that it will be in demand among our customers, as it helps them build a more efficient and flexible interaction with roaming partners.

Nexign BCE allows receiving CDRs of roaming calls from network equipment, generating outgoing and processing incoming aggregated rated roaming data as UDR, USR, and BSR reports. The solution also supports the Reject/Dispute procedure and the exchange of detailed traffic data (DDR reports) during the reconciliation and approval of BCE reports. Additionally, Nexign BCE helps process outgoing and incoming electronic invoices, administer normative reference data, manage tariffs and roaming agreements, and work with unloading from databases. The solution fully complies with the GSMA specifications for the BCE standard and increases the cost-effectiveness of roaming services. 

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