Nexign Releases the 2021 Annual Report

Key highlights of 2021 include a 22% growth rate due to the completion of major products and the strengthening positions on the target markets.

Nexign, a leading Business Support Systems (BSS) provider, recently published its 2021 annual report. The document reflects Nexign’s key achievements and milestones and outlines the company’s plans for 2022 and further. 

Summing up the results of 2021, we can note numerous important achievements. First of all, this is the accomplishment of the remote billing implementation project for one of the leading mobile operators in Uzbekistan. This was a breakthrough not only for us and our client, but for the entire CIS telecom market. Last year, we also launched the Microservices Platform, a unique solution initially developed jointly with MegaFon as part of an experimental collaboration model. Besides, with the support of the Russian Fund for the Development of Information Technologies (RFRIT), Nexign has developed a novel Universal Digital Billing core that can effectively solve the problems of import substitution.

Financial results

  • In 2021, the company’s revenue amounted to 9,221 million rubles. It increased by 22% as compared to the previous year. The company’s growth was possible due to the completion of major projects, including the successful implementation of the Nexign Converged BSS for Ucell, one of Uzbekistan’s largest mobile network operators. 
  • Net profit for the accounting period reached 2,471 million rubles, therefore increasing by 164%. Introducing incentives for IT companies has reduced the cost of social contributions and income tax. This had a positive impact on the company’s net income.

Developing product portfolio

  • With the grant support of the Russian Fund for the Development of Information Technologies (RFRIT), Nexign has developed a novel universal billing core called “Universal Digital Billing.” The solution works with commercial and non-commercial databases and can be deployed in both public and private clouds. It also provides billing for traditional communication services, mobile purchases, Saas or PaaS subscriptions and offers, and partner products and services. The product was developed consistently with the Open Digital Architecture. It fully corresponds with the SID model and can be integrated into other systems through open APIs. 
  • The company introduced Nexign Microservices Framework, a platform for the rapid development of new digital services. The solution uses cloud-native microservices architecture to support the entire cycle of development and implementation. The Nexign platform also utilizes CI/CD automation and simplifies the partner integration process through standardized APIs. 
  • Nexign implemented 5G support in Nexign Network Monetization solutions. This allowed the company to monetize 5G technology projects and gain maximum advantage from building partner ecosystems. 
  • The company launched a set of employee experience management solutions to transform organizational culture, maximize productivity, and increase employee engagement in the company’s business goals. 

Industry recognition

  • In the spring, Nexign was shortlisted for the TM Forum Excellence Awards as one of the companies whose projects helped accelerate the digital transformation of the telecommunications industry. The “Human Factor” nomination included the Nexign Ambassadors Club internal project designed to introduce employees to corporate values and help them adapt to the international business environment. 
  • In the fall, Nexign received the MEA Technology Achievement Award from MEA Business, a leading business magazine in the Middle East and Africa. The award was given for the Nexign Microservices Framework and the Nexign Microservices Factory project based on this platform. Nexign was also shortlisted for the prestigious Glotel Telecom Award, an international telecommunications award that brings together leading players in the telecommunications industry from around the world and honors innovation and excellence.

A complete version of the 2021 Annual Report is available at the link