Nexign Releases Upgraded Neon HRM Solution

Nexign has upgraded Neon to a comprehensive modular HR system for optimizing HR functions, managing talents, and developing self-service features. The solution is built on a modern, flexible technology platform that facilitates the automation of both individual HR processes and the entire HR management ecosystem. The use of flexible low-code and no-code tools makes it possible to configure Neon without the assistance of developers, while the solution’s adaptive modern interface enables the customer to maintain their corporate identity. For more efficient employee information processing, Neon modules can be easily integrated with HR accounting systems through a standard API. 

We started developing our own HR system after we received feedback from our existing and potential customers and found out that the HR systems available on the Russian market did not fully meet today’s requirements for digital comfort and functional flexibility. Our experience in developing high-tech software enabled us to create Neon HRM, a flexible solution that meets the needs of Russian companies.

More than 50 thousand employees from companies across various industries, including IT, mass media, telecom, and finance, are already using Neon. For example, MegaFon successfully transferred its HR processes to Neon from SAP SuccessFactors last year.