Nexign Completed Migration of Subscribers in all Yota’s Branch Offices

Implementation of Nexign Network Monetisation Suite will enable the communications service provider to reduce the total cost of ownership (TCO) and successfully develop new products and services.

Saint Petersburg, Russia, 7 October 2020 —  Nexign (a part of ICS Holding LLC), a leading Business Support System (BSS) and Internet of Things (IoT) solutions provider, today announced the successful migration of subscribers in all branch offices of the Russian mobile broadband services provider Yota to the Nexign Network Monetisation Suite – a versatile solution for real-time rating, charging and policy control across all network services.

Yota was the first operator to offer its customers communication bundles configurable to minutes and gigabytes, as well as differentiated payment for various types of traffic. Yota’s existing solution did not enable horizontal scaling, which meant that the company needed a scalable and flexible instrument for charging and policy control inside the network.

To increase effectiveness of its internal processes, Yota opted for Nexign Network Monetisation Suite, which included solutions like PCRF (Policy and Charging Rules Function), RCAF (RAN congestion awareness function) and UDR (User Data Repository).

As a result, Yota received future-proof and flexible solution, which fully met the business needs of the mobile operator. Nexign Network Monetisation Suite enabled Yota to quickly launch new products and services with minimum cost for their implementation. The system also has many open interfaces and allows Yota to integrate new services easily, even if it involves partners. Thanks to functional and technological capabilities of the product, the company provides customer services even in the conditions of congestion.

After migration to the Nexign solution, Yota reduced the total cost of ownership (TCO) by 10-20% by saving on additional third-party licenses. Use of PCRF function enabled Yota to reduce time to market (TTM) by 20% and increase the fault tolerance by 40%, which allows the operator to deliver great customer service and stand out from competition.

“The jointed project with Nexign and implementation of Nexign Network Monetisation Suite allowed us to launch unique product for the telco market called “The communications constructor” and maintain high quality of our services while increasing the number of customers. In the past six months the new solution underwent unprecedented stress test. Due to the pandemic, traffic from business apps inside the network has grown 2.5 times,” said Andrey Zhikin, IT Director of Yota.

“This Nexign project for Yota is the first time when we implemented our solution in a telecom operator that uses a third-party billing system,” said Alexey Vedin, Director of Network Monetisation Products at Nexign. “Nevertheless, integration with Yota’s BSS systems was carried out with no impact on customers in all Yota branches, and without any failures or service interruption. At the same time, no additional modifications were required on the part of billing or other systems – all the needs of the operator were covered by the capabilities of Nexign’s solution.”