Nexign Revenue Management Expands Monetization Opportunities for CSPs

Nexign has announced a new release of Nexign Revenue Management, a convergent monetization platform for communications service providers (CSPs). The solution accelerates revenue growth received from traditional connectivity and innovative digital services, including 5G-based and ecosystem-driven offerings co-created with partners. It streamlines the entire revenue generation process across all business lines on a single convergent platform, thus optimizing business processes, ensuring operational flexibility, and reducing TCO.

The updated Nexign Revenue Management comes with embedded full-scale support for the 5G Standalone (SA) monetization capabilities. With Nexign 5G Charging System (CСS) and Nexign 5G Policy Control Function (PCF), mobile operators gain a competitive edge by targeting new industry verticals and use cases with 5G-enabled business propositions. For instance, CSPs can offer “right size” connectivity services to enterprises and individual customers, ensuring slice-based, granular control of the QoS parameters. The examples of such services include dedicated plans for applications and users that require ultra-low latency or faster data rates – such as in the telemedicine, cloud gaming, or self-driving cars’ industries. 

For most CSPs, successful partnerships and ecosystem-based offerings are drivers of expansion into new market segments and additional B2B and B2C ARPU growth. Seamlessly integrating partner offerings into the portfolios becomes a crucial success factor. To this end, Nexign Revenue Management now includes partner settlement management to let operators create complex multi-tier and multi-party settlement schemes with different partner types, such as resellers, OTT, cloud, and other digital service providers.

Nexign keeps expanding the functionality of its monetization platform to enable CSPs to tap additional revenue streams from traditional telecoms core services. For example, Nexign Revenue Management now supports guaranteed payments, interest-based installments, and marketplaces for subscribers to exchange their talk, text, and data allowances. 

With telecoms revenue remaining flat, the leading players are shifting their focus to widening their portfolios: they create partner ecosystems and launch consumer and industrial IoT, cloud, data center, data analytics, and IT services. They can support the path to revenue growth through diversification by using a convergent platform. We believe that Nexign Revenue Management provides the required consolidation and makes CSPs infinitely more flexible to capitalize on emerging services and monetize all lines of business.

Nexign Revenue Management is a scalable, high-performing solution based on microservices architecture and industry standards, such as 3GPP, ETSI, and TM Forum. It ensures smooth integration into any existing BSS landscape via TM Forum Open APIs. Additionally, low-code configuration allows business users to facilitate the creation of new plans and services, boosting time to market.

Nexign Revenue Management can process 100,000 transactions per second and 1.5 billion events per day, which meets the solution performance requirements of the leading CSPs.