Becoming a DSP: three key drivers of telco transformation

Analysys Mason Interview with John Abraham by Loukas Tzitzis, Chief Products & Marketing Officer of Nexign.


Digital transformation is happening now and it could be the largest growth enabler that our industry has ever seen. Every communication service provider knows that it is a long and complicated journey but questions still remain, for example: What should CSPs focus on in their transition towards becoming digital service providers? We at Nexign believe that service providers will have to evolve their current BSS towards open architectures and partner ecosystem enabling, which will allow DSPs to seamlessly develop an extended portfolio. They will then be able to capitalise on the business model and revenue diversification opportunities that digital transformation initiatives can deliver.

Open API is an important step to becoming a DSP

Our Digital BSS has been built based on open architecture principles and “dual speed architecture”, which supports migration from legacy platforms to future-proof stacks designed with the cloud in mind. Our Open API layer is already at the heart of our deployments, improving agility, reducing integration time and ultimately delivering better value as well as optimal TCO benefits to our clients.

Develop partnerships and ecosystems

Partnerships and ecosystems is another driver for Nexign’s success. It ensures diversification of CSP revenue streams and speeds up their transition towards becoming digital service providers.

Successful service providers will differentiate themselves not only through a wide range of partners and combined offerings but also through agility, meaning the speed of onboarding and retiring, support for various business models and different types of interactions.

We believe that our emphasis on key business processes, such as product and service lifecycle management, sales, delivery, enterprise, automation, analytics, self-care and a robust, digital-ready core for the cloud-powered digital economy will provide service providers with the flexibility and capability required to develop in the long term.

Watch the video interview with John Abraham, Principal Analyst at Analysys Mason, to find out more about the transformation of operator architecture and the evolution of BSS. In this video you will discover:

  • How should operators transform their architecture to become a DSP

  • Why a multi-stage process is the best and the most efficient way of BSS architecture evolution

  • The future of partner ecosystems as a key point of telco digital transformation