Ensuring telco provider flexibility and launching continuous digital transformation: Nexign and MegaFon case

Learn from MegaFon and Nexign digital transformation executives how to revamp business models and technological infrastructures of a CSP to increase business agility and reduce time to market for new products


At the dawn of mobile telecom, it sufficed for telecom operators to sell minutes and megabytes to their customers. Nowadays, in order to retain profitability, ensure customer loyalty, and expand clientele, telecom operators have to closely follow ever-changing customer demands and offer products and services that have never been part of telecom before, such as concert tickets, movie rentals, or food delivery. This caused telecom operators to directly compete with pre-existing digital service providers. Spending months on developing and releasing new products, while market conditions demanded their delivery within weeks, was no longer an option.

A few years ago, during the early phases of the Unified Billing project, MegaFon and Nexign mostly focused on accelerating the development and release rates for future services. Still, their main goal was to support the operator’s transformation into a full-fledged, flexible digital service provider. In 2020, the project was successfully finalised, and its goals were attained. For MegaFon’s digital transformation, however, it was only the beginning.

MegaFon and Nexign have jointly created a multi-layer open ecosystem that enables operators to integrate partners and launch new digital services. Download your free copy of the white paper and learn more about this project.



White Paper: Nexign and MegaFon case