Digital BSS

A cutting-edge BSS platform to embrace digital transformation


Nexign Digital BSS provides a set of operational and customer-facing applications, and related services to tackle the global challenges of digital transformation and address customer-specific business requirements.

Built on the future-proof architecture integrating converged revenue management and the real-time core, the solution shapes the communications service provider’s (CSP’s) digital landscape to speed up the launch of next-generation products and services and thrive on partner ecosystems. 

Nexign Digital BSS enables operators to achieve the agility required to deliver on end-user expectations of the new digital lifestyle by offering real-time customer management, omnichannel interactions, and personalized customer experience.

The solution accelerates end-to-end CSPs’ transformation and improves efficiencies through adoption of emerging operational and business models, standardization, network virtualization, cloudification, and implementation of DevOps and CI/CD principles.

Key benefits


Embracing the Concept of Digital Transformation 

  • End-to-end digital enablement portfolio, including omnichannel customer management, integrated revenue management, real-time charging and policy functions, centralized catalog, partner settlement, and infrastructure management
  • Flexibility to support modular transformation goals
  • Extensive professional services to reduce operational costs and streamline the complex transformation process
  • Enabling personalized service plans and consistent customer service across the entire range of customer touchpoints 
  • Multifaceted convergence across all technologies and lines of business
  • Extensive revenue management capabilities empowered by the real-time core and billing flexibility
  • Creative configuration of product offerings in SID-compliant Product Catalog 
  • Ability to gain on digital ecosystems and monetize investments in 5G and IoT infrastructures

Empowering Organizational Transformation

  • Moving to cloud-native operations 
  • DevOps-based collaboration frameworks to fast-track transformation journey 
  • Microservices capabilities enabling continuous integration and continuous delivery to explore new digital commerce models and reduce time-to-market for innovative services
  • Digital services development and maintenance based on TM Forum’s Open Digital Architecture (ODA) 
  • Embracing open interfaces and open-source databases to prevent vendor lock-in, facilitate integration with multiple third parties, and reduce total cost of ownership
  • Introducing low-code platforms to organization-wide commitments to digital transformation initiatives

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