Nexign BSS Drives Ucell’s Subscriber Growth and Monetization Opportunities

Ucell replaced the existing BSS with Nexign Converged BSS. As a result, the operator enhanced the network reliability and flexibility of processes, improved KPIs and NPS, and increased the subscriber base.


COSCOM LLC (Ucell trademark) is the leading mobile operator in Uzbekistan, serving over 8 million subscribers as of 2023. Its 4G networks cover 85.2% of large cities in the country. The company is a pioneer in deploying 5G in Uzbekistan. 

By 2019, the existing BSS failed to meet the growing needs of Ucell to support its initiatives in the expansion of the infrastructure, subscriber base, and service portfolio. Numerous in-house features hindered the development and support of the billing system. Furthermore, customer data was duplicated across several systems that required continuous synchronization.


Nexign helped Ucell replace the legacy BSS with Nexign Converged BSS. The new solution consolidated different business processes, technologies, and payment models on a single platform.

In light of COVID-19 in 2020, most of the works were carried out in a remote mode. This experience provided both companies with new valuable insights into how to overcome technical constraints. 

To perform the comprehensive testing of the solution and ensure prompt and simultaneous deployment in testing and production environments, the teams decided to collaborate using Stash. Nexign provided the Ucell team with access to an isolated zone in the Nexign cloud to conduct the acceptance testing. This approach divided the simultaneous streams of testing and acceptance works and accelerated time to market for new products without adding extra workload to Ucell’s testing environment.   

Nexign migrated 7.3 million subscribers into the production environment of Nexign Converged BSS by the end of 2021. The migration was conducted in one phase. Although such an approach involved a number of challenges, the Nexign and Ucell teams promptly ensured reliable operation of the solution. 

The operator’s short-term goals include new projects in partnership with Nexign, such as the MNP launch, VoLTE deployment, further development of the 5G Standalone rating, geo-redundancy, and works on M2M configurations.

The tight-knit team of Nexign’s highly qualified experts succeeded in handling all implementation and support issues of the project. For their contribution to billing development, they received three letters of acknowledgement from Ucell’s heads of engineering. 

Thanks to Nexign’s solutions, Ucell can further secure its leadership. With new services launched on the solid foundation of Nexign Converged BSS, we will be able to offer our customers a higher quality of service while helping them solve problems and making their lives simpler and more fascinating.
With Nexign Converged BSS, Ucell will be able to improve key billing processes and unlock new monetization opportunities. Nexign’s convergent, scalable platform will enable the telecom operator to expand the subscriber base further and provide innovative services based on existing and emerging technologies.


  • 01
    Migration of 7.3 million subscribers of Ucell onto Nexign Converged BSS
  • 05
    Improved KPIs and NPS through minimized number of incidents
  • 02
    Launch of a large, unique Sof line of 11 rate plans that boosts the operator’s revenue
  • 06
    Reduced operational expenses
  • 03
    Maximized billing speed for B2B customers
  • 07
    Increased adaptability to dynamic market changes
  • 04
    Shorter time to recovery through optimization of routine functions
  • 08
    Ability to grow the subscriber base and monetize new services, including 5G