“Acquisition of STORM is great opportunity for Nexign to strengthen expertise in CEM”

Igor Gorkov, CEO, Nexign speaks with Zia Askari from TelecomDrive.com about the company’s acquisition of STORM Technologies and how the company is looking ahead in the future.

What is the strategy behind the acquisition of STORM Technologies?

In the last few years customer experience has become a key differentiator for telco operators. And the omnichannel approach helps operators to bring marketing and customer service together to retain subscribers and generate new revenue.

The trend for contact centers automation and virtual assistants was set by the operators’ wish to increase their margins and growing demand for contactless communication as the way to avoid human interaction.

During the pandemic this trend increased dramatically. So digital customer support must be considered a priority in customer experience management for the rest of 2020 and the next years. The telecommunications sector needs CX management solution and it’s a good chance for Nexign to strengthen its market potential.

Omnichannel communications enablement and customer support automation is a common requirement in most tenders nowadays. Acquisition of STORM Technologies is a great opportunity for Nexign to strengthen its expertise in customer experience management. In collaboration with STORM Technology with its’ 10 years of CX management systems development, Nexign will enable operators to support their subscribers more efficiently. We believe that STORM acquisition will help us to increase our market share.

How does Storm compliment to what Nexign is doing today? Please share the technology roadmap that you forsee with Nexign and STORM together?

STORM’s products will compliment Nexign BSS solutions, thus supporting the omnichannel approach in customer relations management. Meanwhile, STORM will receive an access to Nexign technology platform and resources. This will enable the company to stay on the edge of developing technologies.

What is your plan for the current employees of STORM? Will there be any manpower (STORM) reduction or expansion in the near future?

STORM’s day-to-day operations will remain unchanged. The company continues to operate in a stable mode, while its operational management, business processes and staff will not be impacted by the deal. The further expansion of staff will depend on number of deals and growth of customer pipeline that Nexign and STORM will create together.

I’m sure that the deal provides STORM with a great opportunity to enter global market and gain new customers from telecommunications industry.

What kind of product and solution innovations can we expect from Nexign after this acquisition?

Management teams of the both companies are participating in joint meetings regarding all the areas of business to finalize the strategy of merger and synchronization of all processes, with the individuality and values of each company preserved. First of all, we are planning further product integration for the benefit of Nexign’s current and prospective customers.

How do you think your channel partner / solutions provider ecosystem will benefit from this acquisition?

Nexign is continuously enriching its product portfolio to strengthen its ability to meet customers’ demands and support its partners.

We aim to bring STORM’s solutions to the global market and help CSPs to quickly implement omnichannel CX strategy for the benefit of end customers and considerable financial growth.

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