Analyst Reports Recognise Nexign’s Value-Based Approach to Digital Transformation

The analysts agree on three main points about what Nexign can offer CSPs.

MOBILE WORLD CONGRESS, BOOTH 3B40, BARCELONA, Spain (February 26, 2019): Nexign, a leading Business Support System (BSS) and Internet of Things (IoT) platform provider, announced today it has been recognised by prominent industry analyst firms as a value leader in optimising total cost of ownership (TCO) for CSPs transforming to digital service providers (DSPs).

We’re pleased to be recognised for our value-based approach. Our customers repeatedly tell us we offer best-in-class TCO—25% lower than the market average — so now it’s gratifying to be recognised by industry analysts as well.

The analysts’ reports support three commonalities regarding Nexign’s offerings to CSPs:

1. Optimal TCO, enabled by flexible, agile products and open architecture for the cloud

  • IDC1 said Nexign is leveraging its experience in offering high-performance solutions with optimal TCO to expand internationally.

  • Analysys Mason2 said Nexign is differentiating itself as a value leader in tele digital transformation, which continues to resonate strongly, especially with CSPs concerned with the risk and return on investment (ROI) potential of digital transformations.

  • GlobalData3 said Nexign can differentiate itself by demonstrating its ability to deliver business value, software licensing flexibility and TCO benefits that clearly beat out the competition.

2. An end-to-end portfolio capitalising on CSPs’ existing investments in BSS and network monetisation, as well as new ventures into 5G, IoT and blockchain

  • IDC1 said the ongoing transition toward virtualised networks, IoT and 5G place complex new demands on operators and monetisation systems that many operators do not know how to handle. This period of complex change and shifting demands offer a strong opportunity to Nexign.

  • IDC1 noted that features such as a fully microservices-based architecture, as-a-service delivery, integration of artificial intelligence (AI), and a high degree of process automation will become extremely important for many telcos. Nexign is already offering some of these features in some of its portfolios. For instance, the customer experience (CX) layer is already microservices-based, and Nexign Network Monetisation Suite is already fully virtualised.

  • Analysys Mason4 said Nexign is positioning itself as a value leader that can provide IoT capabilities comparable to other leading vendors at a lower TCO.

  • Analysys Mason4 also said Nexign has a strong focus on partnering with service providers from other verticals and industries in order to offer CSPs cross-domain expertise in IoT monetisation.

  • GlobalData3 said Nexign and exclusive partner Bubbletone forged immediate differentiation by developing a joint solution embedding Bubbletone’s blockchain technology into Nexign’s BSS platform, delivering a nearly-to-market offering which few if any rivals can counter today with a competitive alternative through either partnership or in-house-portfolio.

  • GlobalData5 also said the Nexign-Bubbletone alliance takes advantage of fast-growing operator interest in harnessing blockchain technology to their competitive advantage, especially in monetising trusted applications, including billing, supply chain management, and identity management capabilities that avoid the security pitfalls of existing BSS and OSS implementations.

3. Extensive experience (27 years) of supporting Tier 1-2 CSPs operating in challenging commercial conditions and serving extremely tech-savvy subscribers

  • GlobalData3 said Nexign is consistently producing BSS innovations such as the recent delivery of a centralised, non-stop application cluster with distributed local functions using a single point of management that dramatically improved service quality and time-to-market in the Megafon network.

  • IDC1 said one of Nexign's core values is transparency—giving clients full visibility and understanding at every stage of a project. This is reflected in its messaging, which is very high on technical detail but low on digital transformation buzzwords.

  • Analysys Mason2 said Nexign has a strong services practice, which positions the company well for the increasing number of opportunities in providing managed services for telcos.

  • Analysys Mason2 also said that as leading BSS vendors build their own professional services practice, vendors such as Nexign are viewed as an ideal technology partner by systems integrators.

For more information, please visit Nexign at booth 3B40 in Hall 3 at Mobile World Congress 2019 in Barcelona.


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