Nexign 5G Charging System

A converged charging system for real-time monetization of new B2C and B2B services in 5G SA networks


Nexign 5G Charging System (CСS) enables mobile operators to unlock the full potential of the 5G SA technical capabilities and gain competitive edge by exploring innovative business models across industry verticals and customer segments. 

Nexign 5G Charging System allows for a dynamic control of 5G SA network parameters that can be used to create differentiated services for customers with particular connectivity requirements. By combining any network attribute related to the customer or session context, operators benefit from extra flexibility in bundling and monetizing telecom and partner services.  

Nexign 5G Charging System is an implementation of the 3GPP CCS function optimized for large-scale telecom businesses. 

New and Emerging Charging Use Cases

  • Monetization of uses cases in mobile private networks and industrial internet of things (IIoT), including industrial robotics in manufacturing
  • B2B, B2B2X, and B2C scenarios based on QoS parameters for a particular network slice, such as mobile gaming and Ultra-HD mobile streaming, metaverse mobile commerce, self-driving cars, smart home, and mission-critical apps in cloud environments
  • Corporate rate plans across multiple accounts, with tiered pricing and dynamic control of overall usage for each employee and IoT device related to the enterprise
  • Dynamic cross-slice charging
  • Creation of partner ecosystems: flexible bundling of services, wholesale and multiparty pricing models, and sponsored pricing model

Key Benefits

Innovative Charging Models

  • Shift from the one-size-fits-all paradigm towards deep personalization at different granularity levels
  • Charging based on any session-related and customer-related attribute, QoS parameters related to a particular network slice, and SLAs


  • Charging for any network type, customer segment, and payment model on a single platform
  • Smooth integration with Nexign Online Charging System for seamless service delivery and charging across multiple network generations 

Robust, Future-Proof Platform for Tier 1 Telcos

  • 99,999% availability
  • Ultrahigh performance
  • Georedundancy
  • Horizonal scalability
  • Configuration of new product offerings via a convenient UI 

Reduced total cost of ownership

  • Support for public and private telco cloud deployment
  • Support for network function virtualization (VNF) 
  • Advanced quota allocation mechanisms for maximum system performance

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