Online Charging System

Supports complex rating and charging schemes, enhanced e-commerce, and easy integration with policy management for partner-enabled business models


Nexign Online Charging System (OCS) ensures next-generation rating and charging for communications services and partner offerings, including convergent credit control, balance management, and dynamic charging.

Nexign OCS provides real-time information about subscriber account balance and package thresholds, which allows for avoiding overspending and revenue leakage. OCS supports sophisticated product offerings and advanced rating schemes for all types of customers and payment methods, introduces a vast array of e-commerce opportunities, and easily integrates with policy control systems. Ultimately, OCS enables telecom operators to adapt to the ever-changing digital market and monetize new business models driven by the rise of 5G and Internet of Things (IoT).

Key Benefits

Drive Profitability and Enhance

Customer Experience

  • Flexible rating schemes: configurable parameters for rating plans, personalized product offerings, and discounts and bonuses 
  • Subscriber notifications upon reaching predefined balance thresholds
  • Transparent monetary and non-monetary balance management

Increase Operational Efficiency and Reduce

the Total Cost of Ownership

  • Compliance with 3GPP for easy integration with 3rd-party systems and advanced business-cases
  • Unparalleled performance and reduced hardware requirements
  • Support for network function virtualization (VNF) 
  • Support for public and private telco cloud deployment

Support 5G-Driven Business Scenarios

  • Unified charging of services in 3G/4G and 5G NSA networks
  • Advanced QoS-aware charging 
  • Ability to monetize next-generation business-cases in 4G infrastructures


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