Nexign Order Management

Quick purchase order approval and order processing


Communications service providers (CSPs) are striving to meet customers’ growing expectations and rapidly respond to market changes.

Nexign Order Management consolidates information about activated and available product offerings, automates logic resource inventory processes, and effectively manages order lifecycle.

Order Management provides APIs to capture orders across different channels, including the website, call-center, customer account, and operator’s sales office or partner’s point of sale. Combined with Service Activation, Product Ordering ensures service activation and deactivation in the network and on the service platforms.

The product domain also comprises components for logic resource inventory and lifecycle management.

Key Benefits

Improving Operational Efficiency

  • Catalog-driven configuration of all types of products and sales processes across all lines of business 
  • Catalog-based, business-oriented configuration of order processing scenarios, eliminating the need for the development team
  • Shorter average time from order to realization through template-based configuration


  • Process modelling and lifecycle visualization for different system entities
  • Monitoring of order fulfillment 
  • Vendor-agnostic management of telecom equipment in compliance with the business logic of communications service delivery

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