Nexign Product Management

Centralized management of products and services for a breakthrough digital experience


Accelerated time-to-market for new products and services enables telecom operators to keep pace with the market demands, which drives revenue growth and customer loyalty. 

Nexign Product Management allows for creating general and personalized tariff plans and bundles, setting up flexible pricing, integrating partners’ products and launching innovative services. Having these capabilities, telecom operators can offer an exceptional digital experience for their customers and gain a competitive edge. 

Product Management is built on the Centralized Catalog designed in compliance with TM Forum’s SID. The Catalog provides user interface that enables creation and modification of product offerings by business users. 

Key Benefits

Catalog-Based Product Management

  • Managing product specifications and product offerings
  • Flexibly configuring product offering attributes, such as prices, characteristics, availability, etc.
  • Creating personalized offerings


  • Configuring relationships between products, bundles, and promotions
  • Using templates to facilitate complex product configuration processes
  • Managing the product offering throughout its lifecycle stages, from creation and publishing through adjustment of prices and other parameters to retirement

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