Nexign Converged BSS

An end-to-end BSS solution to consolidate operators’ systems and expand product portfolio with converged packages


Nexign Converged BSS helps communications service providers (CSPs) consolidate all lines of business, technologies, and payment methods on a single platform. This approach allows to optimize business operations and expand product portfolio with convergent packages combining fixed and mobile telephony, home Internet, IP-TV, and digital services.

Nexign offers a set of pre-configured modules assembled in one comprehensive solution. Delivered by the single provider, it reduces time to market and minimizes integration risks. 

Nexign Converged BSS automates key CSPs’ processes and offers the capabilities of converged rating and charging; online charging; customer billing and partner management; collection management; voucher management; and extended policy control. 

Nexign Converged BSS has a proven success in transformation projects of any scale. The solution drives sustainable long-term growth and encourages innovations.

Key benefits


Single Convergent Platform

  • All types of networks: GSM, 3G, 4G/LTE, 5G, PSTN, VoIP, DSL, FTTX, GPON, and others
  • All payment methods: prepaid, postpaid, and hybrid
  • A single bill for various services, such as Internet, television, and mobile telephony
  • Charging of modern digital offerings based on cloud computing, entertainment content, as well as financial and enterprise services
  • Support for B2C, B2B, B2O, and B2B2X customers as well as dealer and partner relationships

Full-Fledged BSS Solution

  • A 360-degree customer view in CRM and role-based user interfaces for customer service representatives
  • Real-time convergent charging enabling traditional and innovative business scenarios
  • Catalog-driven service and plan creation to reduce time-to-market for new offerings
  • Unified billing platform for all types of customers, services, and payment methods
  • Dunning and collection management 
  • Pre-integrated Partner Management to handle relationships with dealers, agents, OTT-providers, and interconnect and roaming partners

Extended Revenue Management Capabilities

  • Convergence of prepaid and postpaid payment methods for risk management and maximizing revenue from the prepaid audience
  • Advanced rating schemes, sophisticated product offerings, and flexible payment terms
  • Customer-driven personalization supported by billing framework, catalog, real-time pricing, and consumption
  • Pre-built revenue leakage management
  • 5G and eSIM monetization capabilities
  • Direct integration with application service providers (ASP) and Internet of Things (IoT) platforms

Combining Cutting-Edge Technologies with a Deep Understanding of Industry

  • Off-the-shelf solutions as well as tailored transformation projects to address local context and specific business needs
  • Transparent delivery approach and shared knowledge base to keep under control processes and KPIs
  • Commitment to openness and industry standards, enabling easy integration with third-party systems
  • Business-processes library based on decades of experience in the telecoms industry
  • Agile methods and DevOps technologies to gain speed and reduce cost and complexity
  • Over 50 successful migration projects and CSP’s revenue growth upon project implementation


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