Nexign Instant BSS

A pre-integrated BSS-solution to accelerate the launch of a new mobile business


Nexign Instant BSS is tailored for telecommunications companies aimed at starting a new mobile business line or growing a new brand. The transparent delivery project will be completed in four months.

The solution is based on Nexign’s cutting-edge BSS portfolio and implementation best practices, which enables operators to unlock new revenue streams, taking the short and predictable path of modular transformation.

Furthermore, as the operator gains momentum and considers full transformation of BSS systems, the solution can be extended to the full-fledged converged platform.



Essential BSS Functionality

  • Out-of-the-box business model including delivery and integration
  • Architecture optimized for the mobile operator
  • 360º customer view and lifecycle management
  • Business processes library based on Nexign’s best practices
  • IT platform for transparent project management
  • Guidance and multilevel trainings
  • Complete set of documentation for solution implementation, maintenance, and development
  • Reinforced support at the start

Out-of-the-Box Product Templates

  • Pay-as-you-go model with no monthly fee
  • Package-based offers with configurable voice/SMS/data volumes QoS-based bundles
  • Policy-based packages
  • Rating discounts
  • Unlimited usage offer
  • Pre-activated kit offer
  • Non-telecom products (devices, subscriptions, and cloud services)

Solution Extension

  • Support for a customer base of any size
  • Open APIs for easy integration and functionality extension
  • Extension to the converged platform
  • Extendable service model: Nexign professional services for specific business operations


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