Nexign Modernises MegaFon’s Roaming Partner Settlement System

The migration to Multi-Broker, an upgraded roaming support system (RSS), allowed MegaFon to improve the transparency of its settlement processes and ensure the support for roaming brokerage functions. The closure time for accounting periods decreased from 10 days to 2 days while operating costs shrunk and the overall failure safety increased.
MegaFon is a nationwide provider of digital opportunities and a leader in the Russian and global telecommunications market.


The original software system at MegaFon was found to reduce the overall failure safety of the system through increased human error risks and solution support costs. Therefore, the new solution was required under the condition of reducing operational costs and preserving the functionality of its predecessor while avoiding any disruptions in the established business processes and reducing TTM for new roaming products. MegaFon, therefore, had two fundamental objectives that the project sought to tackle:

  • modernise the roaming management system to decrease support costs;
  • increase the revenues from roaming services through the support of clearinghouse functionality.


The transition to the upgraded Nexign RSS kicked off in early 2020. In April 2021, the deployment team finalised all testing and migration operations. The resulting Multi-Broker system preserved the functionality of its predecessor while fully supporting the roaming brokerage function including the multiple broker option. The solution proved to ensure a flexible and scalable roaming support system that maintains the processes in MegaFon and its subsidiaries as well as the MVNOs using MegaFon’s network such as Yota and Gazprom Telecom.

“Since the solution largely contained custom code, we had to look through and update large volumes of data in case something had changed in the billing period. It was time and power-intensive. With the new solution, the process transparency has been improved, and in this case, we can obtain all the data quite easily.



  • 01
    Data loss risks reduced.
  • 04
    TTM for new products targeted at travellers reduced.
  • 02
    The closure time of accounting periods for roaming settlements decreased from 10 days to 2 days. The billing period closing time has significantly decreased as well.
  • 05
    MegaFon obtained a sandbox to test new solutions without rolling them out to the public, thus avoiding possible financial and reputational risks.
  • 03
    Billing and paperwork took 2-3 hours vs 12 hours before.


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