Nexign Modernizes MegaFon’s Roaming Partner Settlement System

Nexign RSS increased the settlement processes transparency and support roaming broker functions. As a result, the closure time for accounting periods reduced from 10 days to 2 days, operational expenses decreased, and the system reliability improved.


MegaFon was looking to replace the previous system due to a lack of reliability and increased human error risks. The requirements for a new solution included the reduction of operational expenses, support for the existing functionality, a smooth migration without disrupting business processes, and faster time to market for new roaming products. MegaFon, therefore, had two fundamental objectives: to decrease costs through modernization of the roaming management system and increase revenues from roaming services through the support for clearing-house capabilities.


The transition to Nexign Roaming Support System (RSS) kicked off in early 2020. In April 2021, the deployment team finished testing and migration. Nexign RSS supported the functionality of the previous system while also providing enhanced capabilities such as roaming broker functions. Nexign’s flexible and scalable roaming support system ensured efficient operations in MegaFon and its subsidiaries, as well as the MVNOs that used MegaFon’s network, such as Yota and Gazprom Telecom.

Since the solution contained custom code, we had to look through and update large volumes of data in case of changes in the billing period. It was time and effort consuming process. The new solution increased transparency and enabled us to obtain all the data quite easily.


  • 01
    Data loss risks were minimized.
  • 04
    Time to market for new products targeted at travelers became faster.
  • 02
    The closure time of accounting periods for roaming settlements decreased from 10 days to 2 days. The billing period closure time significantly decreased as well.
  • 05
    MegaFon obtained a sandbox to test new solutions, thus avoiding possible financial and reputational risks.
  • 03
    The time to prepare financial documentation reduced from 12 hours to 2–3 hours.