Nexign Business Travel

All-in-one solution for planning, booking, managing, and reporting business trips


Nexign Business Travel provides centralized management of corporate travel arrangements and travel-related expenses. The solution automates all stages of business trip processing, reducing the burden on administrative units and ensuring cost-effectiveness.



Nexign Business Travel makes the corporate travel experience easy for everyone in the organization by providing role-based access control, including employees, supervisors, travel coordinators, and accountants. In addition, the solution integrates with travel partners and accounting and ERP systems, which streamlines the purchase of travel services and helps manage business travel documents more accurately.

Key Benefits


  • Full control over travel spend and insights how to optimize travel budget  
  • Real-time tracking of travel data 
  • Consolidated business travel analytics in web format or Excel report upload
  • Extendable, standard, pre-defined reports: "All business trips", "Budget balance", "Business travel costs", and others

Travel Coordinator

  • Reducing the time for booking tickets and hotels
  • Configurable approval workflows based on the company’s business processes
  • Editable reference data for travel policies
  • Upload of corporate hotel prices
  • Flexible policy criteria by units, local or global regulations, period of validity, and mandatory or voluntary criteria


  • Reservation of planned amounts for validated claims
  • Planning of travel expenses and verification of balance by the organization’s units
  • Integration with accounting systems for accurate expense reporting
  • Automatic generation and reconciliation of advance reports


  • Self-booking of tickets, hotels, transfers, and other travel services
  • Access to orders 24/7
  • Reducing errors in booking travel services
  • Chat with agency representatives in case of urgent travel requests
  • Effortless submission of travel documents that are kept in a single location

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