Nexign KPI Management

Transparent assessment of employee performance for operational excellence


Nexign KPI Management provides a comprehensive performance assessment for departments, such as sales, customer support and call centers.  



Nexign KPI Management ensures automated KPI data gathering and provides an interactive dashboard to view employee performance goals. Stakeholders can manage the KPI process, from identifying to assessing a relevant set of KPIs, while employees can monitor and improve their performance. 


Highlights and Benefits

Automated KPI Calculation reduces time to gather and process data from multiple systems:

  • Automated flow of aggregating, converting and storing data in a universal format 
  • Leveraging heterogenous data sources
  • Calculating a composite KPI
  • Tracking performance of various processes through different metrics, such as AHT, FCR, etc.

Flexible Assessment helps promptly assign a set of KPIs to a group of employees:

  • Grouping employees by common attributes
  • Matching employees with an applicable set of goals in a bonus matrix
  • Access to an up-to-date employee list through integration with HR management 

Goal Assignment and Dynamic Changing are always in line with business needs:

  • Grouping multiple goals into a single scorecard 
  • Assigning the grouped goals to appropriate employees through tags
  • Comparison of stated goals with measured values

Performance Monitoring shows the strengths and weaknesses and drives employee motivation:

  • Interactive dashboard with an employee’s personal set of KPIs
  • Automated KPI selection by ID, assigned tags and other data

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