Telecom Industry on Track to a Circular Economy

In early June, Nexign CEO Igor Gorkov spoke at one of the Saint Petersburg International Economic Forum sessions, where he discussed with other participants the prospects for transitioning to a circular economy. In this blog post Mr Gorkov is reflecting on how telecommunications vendors can maintain the industry’s course towards sustainable development.


Artificial Intelligence in Nexign Projects

Artificial intelligence (AI) has long expanded beyond science fiction and is bringing real benefits to a variety of industries. Today we will discuss the application of AI at Nexign.


How Nexign Transformed BSS Implementation Processes

Over 29 years in the telecom market, Nexign has amassed extensive experience in implementation projects. Systematisation of this experience is the foundation of BaseMap — a map of benchmark business processes. Now when implementing BSS solutions, an operator does not need to describe all its business processes from scratch: Nexign offers ready models that have proven themselves to be the best practices. This saves a significant amount of time and lets operators avoid a number of mistakes.


5G Industrial Capabilities and Their Impact on the Telecom Industry

The ramp-up of 5G networks promises a lot to various industries. Today Maxim Nartov, Business Development Director, speaks on 5G industrial capabilities.


29 Years of Nexign: Antifragility

By Igor Gorkov, CEO Nexign.

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