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Nexign RCAF Fuels 5G Future Within Existing LTE Network

By Alexey Podolskiy, Product Marketing Manager at Nexign

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30 Years of Nexign: Anniversary Interview with Igor Gorkov

By Igor Gorkov, CEO at Nexign


Nexign Microservices Framework Underpins MegaFon’s New Multi-subscription Platform

In 2021, MegaFon unveiled their first multi-subscription platform dubbed MegaFon Plus. Unlike similar solutions offered by the company’s competitors, MegaFon’s platform is not limited to the original subscribers of the operator but is open for everyone. It constitutes one of the most important competitive advantages of the platform.


Next-Generation Billing: Unification on the Digital Edge

In December 2021, Nexign launched the first release of Universal Digital Billing co-funded by the Russian IT Development Foundation (RFRIT). In this article, we discuss the product capabilities and explain how Nexign Universal Digital Billing is designed to offer a standardized, world-class solution with state-of-the-art billing capabilities.


Microservices for Telecom Providers: Getting Ahead of Competitors

Technologies are rapidly developing, and our requirements for goods and services are ever more demanding. Providers are sensitive to market expectations and open up new lines of business, thus expanding traditional business models with new scenarios and partner offerings.

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