MegaFon Boosts Call Centre Performance with NX Call Centre KPI Management

MegaFon implemented NX Call Centre KPI Management to boost the performance of its call centre agents. The product is powered by the Nexign Microservices Framework. NX Call Centre KPI Management helps automate data collection and monitor real-time target achievement progress of call centre agents as well as generates performance ratings with detailed information about each KPI.
MegaFon is a nationwide provider of digital opportunities and a leader in the Russian and global telecommunications market.


After the implementation of the Unified Billing project, MegaFon established a joint call centre for all its subsidiaries, which now required an updated performance tracking solution. It had to reduce the labour required to collect and analyse KPI data and boost customer service quality while accounting for the complex organisational hierarchy and relevant flexible target setting. The solution had to be airtightly integrated into the provider’s IT systems. 


To ensure the required effectiveness of the solution, the Nexign Microservices Framework was used to complete the project. The autonomy of the microservices and the use of continuous development and implementation methods allowed the provider to accelerate the release of the product without disrupting its existing business processes. It was securely integrated in MegaFon’s existing IT framework.

The result was a product that automatically gathers data from various IT systems according to specified metrics and displays them in the employee account. The KPI list can be managed through a reference tool, without the assistance of IT specialists. The system takes into account the special features of target setting in an organisation with a complex hierarchy.

The NX Call Centre KPI Management user interface includes personnel training and testing modules as well as a quality control module and an audio monitoring module. Thus, NX Call Centre KPI Management combined all the aspects of work to boost the performance of the call centre. As a result, migration to a new KPI management system helped increase personnel motivation and customer service quality, and the product itself received high praise from the call centre agents.

A call centre agent can see their own real-time performance indicators concerning the call processing speed, customer satisfaction scores and other KPIs related to the incentive system. Performance ratings are aimed at motivating employees to reach their goals and ensuring the transparency of the incentive system. A knowledge testing module can help the agents to step up their game and make sure their knowledge is up-to-date.

Personnel motivation is one of the most important objectives for any manager. We have compiled all the key indicators in the employee account—customer satisfaction scores, problem resolution time, etc. First, this kind of transparency helps the agent strive for better results and see the effect of their work on financial and intangible incentives. The managers have gained a handy tool that provides information on business metrics and allows them to quickly understand which call centre agent needs help and in what way—for example, a new course to boost their process or product knowledge. Thus, we have acquired a unified tool for call centre agents and managers that will boost MegaFon’s service efficiency on a daily basis thanks to the motivation and flexible management.



  • 01
    Call centre performance increased.
  • 04
    Thanks to the automation of data collection from various sources, the time required to prepare reporting documents shrunk by 70%.
  • 02
    Employee motivation skyrocketed thanks to online performance monitoring and quality control transparency.
  • 05
    Actual call centre agents rated the new KPI management system 9-10 out of 10.
  • 03
    Customer service quality improved by automating the post-training knowledge testing amongst the call centre agents.


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