Nexign Releases New Product for Detecting Anomalies in Business Process Metrics

Nexign Introduces Nexign IoT Connectivity Platform Designed to Develop IoT Business for Telecom Operators

Nexign IoT Connectivity Platform enables CSPs to automate end-to-end IoT customer lifecycle management, including sales and product management as well as real-time rating and charging. Nexign's solution improves IoT business efficiency by reducing TCO and fueling new monetization models.

Nexign Presents a Product Suite for Monetization and Efficiency Improvement of 5G SA Networks

Nexign presents its new suite of core network functions for converged charging, policy management, and signaling traffic routing in 5G SA mobile networks. New products are designed to support performance, flexibility, and reliability parameters required by Tier 1 and Tier 2 telcos. With these Nexign products, telecom operators can capitalize on the enhanced technical capabilities of 5G SA by launching innovative B2B and B2C services based on ultra-low latency, faster upload speeds, and guaranteed QoS for connected devices.

Sergei Karpov Appointed as Commercial Director of Nexign

In his new role, Sergei will be responsible for leading the company's expansion into new markets, business diversification, and the strengthening of Nexign's position in billing sales.

Nexign Launches Nexign Billing and Charging Evolution for Roaming Settlements Between CSPs

Nexign Billing and Charging Evolution (BCE) supports the new GSMA standard BCE. The solution represents a flexible and easy way for roaming billing and settlements. Nexign BCE enables additional monetization of traffic from IoT devices and 5G networks.

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