Nexign and Bubbletone stand ready to revolutionise the way DSPs do business and present a joint solution
TeleChain Broker is a blockchain-based marketplace for digital service providers (DSPs) with a BSS connectivity kit that enables you to create new roaming products and complex bundles, including digital non-telco services.
How it works?
The users form a private community governed by a committee whose members are elected by all the participants.
Infrastructure operator
TeleChain Broker is responsible for providing blockchain network support, including information security policy and technical solutions, and carrying out accurate calculations.
To begin interactions and conduct mutual settlements within the community, the participants must sign a service contract with the infrastructure operator.
Join the community and get access to new revenue streams
Why TeleChain Broker?
  • The first solution in the telecom industry based on blockchain technology
  • New revenue streams from telco & digital services
  • Quick launch without any additional investment or complex network integration